Will Donald Trump Target Share Buybacks Next?

Donald Trump. Image source: Whitehouse.gov.

President Donald Trump has taken several bold steps since taking office, but one area seems to be a bigger priority than any other. Trump has been adamant about getting American companies to invest in the U.S. by building factories and plants and hiring American workers. In his inaugural address, he declared that as a central theme of his presidency, imploring American companies to “buy American and hire American.”

Before he even took the oath of office, Trump said he had struck a deal with United Technologies Carrier Industries to keep about 800 jobs in Indiana that were slated to go to Mexico. He pressured other manufacturers like automakers to keep jobs in the country, and may have influenced Ford‘s decision to scrap plans for a new plant in Mexico.

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Merrill Edge vs. Interactive Brokers: IRA Account Comparison

The truth is that where you open an IRA matters more than you might think. From commissions to fees, and even investment choices, the differences between brokers can be numerous. But instead of focusing on every single difference, investors should compare brokers on the big items. Here’s how two popular brokers, Merrill Edge and Interactive Brokers, stand on criteria that really matter to the long-term IRA investor.

One of the biggest differences between these two brokers is how they calculate commissions. Merrill Edge uses a flat-rate commission schedule, whereas Interactive Brokers’ commissions vary by order size.


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Foreign Arms Sales Boom Under President Trump

President Donald Trump says he wants to “make America’s military strong again” — but first things first. Before we get around to strengthening America‘s military, we need to export a few weapons to our allies.

And so it was that on the very first day of the Trump Administration, the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of plans to sell $1.3 billion in weapons systems to U.S. allies around the world. The sales comprise four separate contracts, beginning with…

President Trump’s international deal-making is more than just hot air — as demonstrated by an imminent sale of military blimps. Image source: Lockheed Martin.

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When Should You Retire?

When should you retire?

The short answer is when you’re financially and mentally prepared to do so, but there is much more to it than that. To retire comfortably, you’ll need to know how much retirement income your savings, pensions, and Social Security can sustainably create, as well as how your basic needs will be met, such as healthcare. Here’s a quick guide that can help you determine what your idea retirement age will be.

Image Source: Getty Images.

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Don’t Get Sucked In by These 2017 Tax Scams

It can be hard enough to hand over some of your hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam each year in taxes, but it’s even more painful if you fall for a tax scam and end up enriching some crooks. Learn more about common tax scams so that you can recognize — and avoid! — them.

Image source: Getty Images.

Within a month or two, our friends at the IRS will likely be releasing their latest list of top tax scams. Many are likely to be holdovers from their 2016 “Dirty Dozen” list of scams. Here’s a review of those scams — any of which could cost you in 2017 if you’re not careful. 

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Interactive Brokers vs. Capital One: A Comparison of Discount Brokers

Before you can start investing in stocks or funds, you’ll need to open a brokerage account to start placing your trades. But with so many brokers out there to choose from, and so many features on which to compare them, selecting the best brokerage can be a chore.

We’ll simplify it today by looking at just two popular brokerages, Capital One and Interactive Brokers, to compare them on criteria that long-term investors should care about most.

No matter which broker you ultimately choose, you’ll find that trading costs are very affordable. In general, prices tend to vary only by a few dollars, which makes price just one of many factors to consider when selecting a brokerage account. Here’s how these two brokers compare on the basis of trading costs by type of investment.

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Oil and Gas Stock Roundup: M&A, Analysts Fuel Oil Stocks This Week

Silhouettes Of Pumpjacks And Oil Workers

Image source: Getty Images.

Crude prices eked out a slight gained for the week, rising 0.1% and closing at $51.42 per barrel. That relatively calm oil market meant that oil stocks needed other catalysts to fuel big moves this week. Those arrived in the form of another major M&A deal, as well as several bullish analyst notes, which, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, fueled the biggest stock moves in the energy market this week. Leading the way were Clayton Williams Energy (NYSE: CWEI), Sanchez Energy (NYSE: SN), Basic Energy Services (NYSE: BAS), and Emerge Energy Services (NYSE: EMES).

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