Trump, Solar, and The Wall: What It Means for Solar Stock Investors

A few words from President Donald Trump about putting solar panels on the proposed wall at the U.S.-Mexico border sent solar stocks sharply higher on Thursday. SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR) and Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) led the way, but First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) was also up as the whole sector seemed to be a bit cheerier being on Trump’s good side for once.

I first saw the idea of the “Solar Wall,” if you will, floated by SunEdison co-founder Jigar Shah on LinkedIn and it’s not at all a crazy idea if the wall is actually built. Unproductive space on the top or sides of the wall could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity each year and pay for part of the wall’s cost. Trump says they’re working out the details and that makes it worth looking at how big the solar opportunity is on the wall and why Mexico and Canada could be the real winners if it’s built.

Could solar panels like this end up on the wall with Mexico? President Trump seems to like the idea. Image source: Getty Images.

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Is Amazon About to Disrupt Procter & Gamble?‘s (NASDAQ: AMZN) recently announced acquisition of Whole Foods Markethas other retail stocks running scared. Companies like Wal-Mart and Target Corporationdropped close to 5% the day of the announcement. On the other hand,Proctor & Gamble(NYSE: PG) shares were up just a bit on the day.

Does that make any sense? Not in my book. P&G’s 65 consumer brands are facing a battleif Amazon attacks the grocery aisles with the same gusto it has used for its other merchandise. Keep in mind P&G sells about 44% of its products in North America and 15% of its products directly to Wal-Mart Stores.

Amazon Presto laundry detergent. Image source: Amazon.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana, Inc. Stock

There’s probably no marijuana stock with a better name than Medical Marijuana, Inc. (NASDAQOTH: MJNA). What marketing team wouldn’t want to lay claim to a corporate identification so closely aligned with one of the hottest markets around?

Medical Marijuana, Inc. became the first publicly traded marijuana stock in the U.S. in 2009, which seems like ages ago considering the changes that have swept the marijuana industry in the past couple of years. It’s also one of the largest marijuana stocks in terms of market cap, with the company currently valued at more than $250 million.If you’re an investor interested in marijuana stocks, here are three things you really need to know about Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Image source: Medical Marijuana, Inc.

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No, Your Tesla Won’t Take 8.2 Years to Pay Off Its Carbon Debt

You don’t need to be a Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) fan to know that lithium-ion batteries will play an essential role in turning electric vehicles (EVs) into mainstream transportation options. They’ve also become important in certain niche applications for stationary energy storage, such as helping utilities smooth out unusual demand on the grid a handful of times each year, or for early home energy-storage systems, in which they’re often coupled with solar panels. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that lithium-ion batteries have become synonymous with green and clean energy.

That’s what makes a Swedish study that went viral earlier this week so surprising. Researchers found that manufacturing lithium-ion batteries releases an enormous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere — so much CO2, in fact, that an article accompanying the study estimated that an EV boasting a 100 kilowatt-hour battery would take 8.2 years of driving before it became greener than a gasoline-powered car.

Numbers from the study and article swept through social media like a wildfire in the middle of a dry summer. They seem to throw a wrench in the environmental value proposition of EVs and stationary energy storage — directly related to Tesla’s business model and story stock aura — but the good news is that investors need not worry. Here’s why.

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Oil and Gas Stock Roundup: M&A Trumps the Steady Slide of Crude

Crude prices continued falling apart this week, slipping to a 10-month low of around $42 per barrel on continued oversupply concerns. That sell-off pushed oil deeper into bear market territory after it declined more than 20% over the past several weeks. Unsurprisingly, oil stocks traded lower this week.

That said, news about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) overshadowed the drop in the oil market for some stocks. Natural gas driller Rice Energy (NYSE: RICE), for example, surged more than 28% after agreeing to merge with EQT Corp. (NYSE: EQT) in a deal that will create the largest gas producer in the country. Meanwhile, troubled oil-field service companies Basic Energy Services (NYSE: BAS) and Key Energy Services (NYSE: KEG) moved double digits on rumors that they’re discussing a merger.

Image source: Getty Images.

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Water Snake Swallowing Catfish

I came across this Water Snake back in June of 2009. I was walking near the Arkansas River here in Arkansas when I saw this large water snake coming through the water, to the bank, with a large catfish in its mouth. Once it saw me, it headed back down into the water with its catch. The current was really strong and the fish was really large, and I knew that the snake would have to resurface and return to the bank to feed. Once it got back to the bank there was an added bonus. There was a second snake attached to the other end of the fish. I watched the two snakes fight over the fish for several minutes until finally the larger snake swallowed it whole.

Water Snake Swallowing CatfishWater Snake Swallowing CatfishWater Snake Swallowing Catfish

Top 5 Most Common Beauty Treatments

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Here at Jiva Spa, we offer a wide variety of the best medi spa services in Toronto. But have you ever wondered what the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures are?

According to a 2011 report from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, there were over 9 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States alone. And since we Canadians often follow what our friends south of the border are doing, you can be sure that these procedures are just as popular in Canada as well.

Here they are, in descending order.

5: IPL Photofacials 439,161

An IPL photofacial is a technique using intense pulses of light to rejuvenate the skin. It can help with broken capillaries, spider veins, age spots, discolouration, and a number of skin conditions, including acne and rosacea.

The IPL photofacial came in fifth place, with 439,161 treatments performed in 2011.

4: Microdermabrasion 499,427

A microdermabrasion is an anti aging skin treatment. It works by shooting tiny crystals at your skin, which deep exfoliates your skin, removing the outermost layer. Since this layer is made up entirely of dead skin cells, it reveals healthier, more radiant skin below. Microdermabrasions can also be effective at treating fine lines, wrinkles, acne, age spots, and acne scarring.

The microdermabrasion slid into fourth place, with 499,427 treatments performed in 2011.

Top 5 Most Common Beauty Treatments | Girl with hand in face with makeup | Jiva Spa Toronto anti aging facials beauty spa salon skin rejuvenation medispa

3: Laser Hair Removal 919,802

Laser hair removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular hair removal options on the market, and it’s easy to see why. It works by destroying hair follicles at the root, essentially ceasing your body’s ability to produce new hair in the treated area. This can be a dream come true for many women (and men!) you can strike that grooming option from your life for good.

Laser hair removal was the third most popular treatment in 2011, with 919,802 treatments performed. But with this treatment becoming increasingly more popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these numbers get much higher.

2: Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (Juvederm, Princess, etc.) 1,206,186

There are many different hyaluronic acid dermal fillers on the market, not all of which we here at Jiva Spa Toronto offer. We specialize in Juvederm and Princess dermal fillers, for the simple reason that they provide our customers with the best results.

However, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are designed to treat the signs of aging, especially crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines, jowls and sagging skin, and more.

More than a million of these procedures were done in 2011 1,206,186 which shows how people are getting more comfortable with the idea of dermal injectables.

1: Botox 2,619,739

By far the most popular treatment remains Botox more than twice as many Botox injections were performed than hyaluronic acid fillers. This isn’t necessarily surprising, since Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers are often paired together for better results.

The active ingredient in Botox is a substance derived from a bacteria, botulinum toxin. Whereas hyaluronic acid injectables are designed to fill out your skin using a naturally occurring substance in your skin hyaluronic acid Botox is designed to reduce muscle activity in the area, which smoothes out wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections.

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